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Make food safety fun
AND find out how a simple mistake cost
one restaurant $10,000.

Gourmet Guardian is Australia’s only food safety company owned and operated by a former Apprentice Chef of the Year who knows what it takes to make your food practices safer than your competitors’ by empowering your staff so they never embarrass you (again).You can uncross your fingers knowing an outbreak won't happen to you because we have all the appropriate certified industry skills and scientific knowledge incorporating a 97 point checklist and a ‘Safe Food Guarantee’ so your employees are aware of your regulatory requirements and the consequences to them if they do not comply.

Nationally Accredited Level 1: Food Hygiene Course
Nationally Accredited Level 2: Food Safety Supervisor

Attend a full day, Nationally Accredited Course with the appropriate Level 1 or Level 2 unit’s of competency delivered.

The course includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • One full days attendance (or two half days if you want) - for each course
  • Your food safety program and it’s requirements (if applicable)
  • Assessment
  • Statement of attainment, upon successful completion of assessment

Generally the food safety training that we conduct is at our clients facilities, however we also have a train room available at our head office in Burwood, VIC.

The Level 1 Course has no maximum number of participants, though we recommend that numbers do not exceed 15. Additional costs per person apply if more than 15 people attend.

For the Level 2 Course, the maximum number of participants is 15 however the ideal numbers are around 10.

Non Accredited Refresher Or Induction Training

A half-day food safety course for any employees that you want to attend. The course can be designed specific to your needs and examples of the sort of training that we can do includes the following:

  • Legislative requirements
  • Cleaning requirements
  • Personnel hygiene procedures
  • Safe chemical use and storage
  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Your food safety program or HACCP Program
  • Monitoring forms that they will need to complete
  • Packaging
  • Service controls

Attendees will be given a certificate of attendance and comprehensive notes. Assessments can be prepared and assessed if required.

Preparation Of Employee Induction Manual

The Gourmet Guardian can prepare for you an induction manual for all new and existing employees that will be based on the requirements of you HACCP Program and includes a “Declaration of Compliance” that employees complete and return to you, indicating that they have received, read, understood, and will comply with all of the requirements contained within their HACCP or Food Safety Programs.

An electronic copy in word and PDF is also provided to you, as part of this price. This will be an excellent resource for you to have, as your business grows, as you will have systems in place to train new staff.

Building Awareness To Food Allergens Training

A half-day food safety course that is a must for any employees that are exposed to food allergen enquiries or are involved in the preparation of food where allergen requests are made. The course is very similar to the course we developed and delivered to The Victorian Department of Health in 2009 and includes:

  • What is an allergen
  • What is an intolerance
  • Legal requirements for handling allergen enquiries
  • Consequences of not complying with the requirements
  • Foods and food ingredients that contain allergens and intolerances
  • Methods to collate allergen information
  • How to provide accurate information to consumers
  • Cross contamination risks
  • What about “May contain” statements?
  • What are the risks associated with food allergens and intolerances
  • Common myths and misconceptions around food allergens
  • Links to some excellent allergen resources
We can incorporate any of your allergen procedures or controls into the training if applicable. Attendees will be given a certificate of attendance and comprehensive notes. Assessments can be prepared and assessed if required.

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Date updated: 29 March, 2012