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Gourmet Guardian also provide Food Safety Programs that are based on HACCP, but are not as detailed or specific as a HACCP Management System. These Food Safety Programs are practical and easy to read and each program is specifically designed for your business. The Food Safety Program that is prepared will comply with all of the FSANZ requirements indicated in standard 3.2.1, as well as any state based legislation. As part of this we have designed a 7 plus 3 Point Checklist so that we can provide your ongoing success:

  1. Initial onsite meeting with company management.
  2. The completion of a site-specific questionnaire to obtain your preferences for certain processes and inclusions.
  3. An initial confidential audit and detailed report identifying potential non-conformances and areas for improvement.
  4. We prepare site-specific monitoring forms and include any of your current monitoring processes if applicable (this is to minimize disruption for your employees).
  5. Rather than give you a template to fill in yourselves, we prepare detailed cleaning schedules incorporating your cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and cleaning requirements. The schedules are separated into each department or area, to make it easier for your staff to comply.
  6. We provide you with a duplicate copy of your Food Safety Program for your local council or regulator (if required).
  7. We provide electronic versions of all monitoring forms.

As an added value, we can also provide:

  • Training for your management representatives on their new system, inclusive of the requirements for Food Safety Supervisor (conditions apply)
  • Completion of your first internal audit and management review utilising the resources in your HACCP program and discuss findings with you, prior to your certification audit
  • A representative of Gourmet Guardian Pty Ltd is present at the Certification Audit

If you are interested in finding out about the Silver Star certification process click here to contact me or call me on 1800 FOOD SAFETY (1800 366 372).

My commitment is that if you implement a food preparation system, then your customers will be safe, your business will be safe from legal suits and bad publicity, and you will serve good clean food.

Eat Well. Eat Safe!

Gavin Buckett

Gavin Buckett,

PS. A food preparation area that does not incorporate adequate food safety principles is like a time bomb waiting to detonate laying waste to your business.

Don't be caught out by 'waiting till later'. Take action now and sleep easier at night and ensure your businesses long term success.

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Date updated: 28 March, 2012